Marriage Preparation

Benefits of taking a premarital education with Faithful Changes Counseling, PLLC include:pexels-photo-256737

  • Enhancing your communication and conflict resolution skills to enrich your relationship.
  • Learning the key components of a successful marriage,
  • Receiving a discount on marriage license fees, and
  • Waiver of the 3-day waiting period.

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Fees for marriage preparation:

  • $35 to take an online assessment
  • $100 each follow up session
  • $250 – $350 for personal mini retreat

How marriage preparation works:

  • You and your future spouse take an online assessment either through FOCCUS or PREPARE/ENRICH
  • You both meet with me for 8  one and a half hour follow up sessions guided by the results of this online assessment
  • You conclude with a private mini retreat led by me.
  • The dates and times we meet will be determined with the coordination of our schedules.

To find out more about PREPARE/ENRICH click logohere

Marriage is a life-long commitment.  You and your future spouse deserve the gift of your time and energy to adequately prepare for this commitment.  

Participating in marriage preparation is a gift that you give to your future spouse, your relationship, your future children, to yourself and to society.  Saint Pope John Paul II said, “As the family goes; so goes society”.  When you plan and prepare for a happy healthy marriage you are  gifting the world.

Participating in Marriage Preparation with me, a Licensed Professional Counselor, helps you improve your relationship now and helps your future marriage actually be what you hope it will be. You can prepare for marriage and heal from the past